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Kalaila Pais

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Former Trainee

Kalaila Pais was born in India, but her family relocated to the island of Barbados, where she spent most of her life. She can safely say that Howard University has been one of the most meaningful experiences of her life and I knows that her time in the Thompson Lab contributed greatly to that. She had limited knowledge on research before entering the lab and had convinced herself that research was not for her because she was so intimidated by the idea it. She knew that her feelings came solely from a place of fear. So, when upon learning about the lab, she knew that she needed to explore the opportunity. The one word that she would use to describe her experience in the Thompson Lab would be “rewarding”. She was immediately greeted with individuals who deeply cared about their projects. She was fascinated by the idea that she was taking part in and observing procedures and equipment that she had previously only read about. Although she began hesitant and shy, she found herself slowly becoming more comfortable and confident in the lab due to the encouragement and patience of those who mentored her. She is currently a rising second year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine. Although medicine has ultimately been her field of choice, she cannot understate how important her time at the Thompson Lab has been and how much it has contributed to her growth and development in the field of science.

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