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Ayotimofe Idowu

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


Ayotimofe Idowu is a sophomore biology student who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, most recently residing in Baltimore, Maryland. Idowu is fully dedicated to a lifelong career in research with particular interests in the fields of microbiology and pharmacology. This has informed her decision to pursue an MD-Ph.D. degree right after her undergraduate career. She chose a STEM-related discipline because it is the field that allows her to explore and find answers to the phenomena that exists in the world. She eagerly anticipates furthering her understanding of science and medicine and contributing meaningful research to society. Furthermore, Idowu plans on eventually using all the knowledge that she has acquired in her career to work in her home country of Nigeria, and eventually around the world, to provide societies with the support needed to alleviate suffering in relation to healthcare.

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