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Katelyn Robertson

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


Katelyn Robertson is a biology (pre-med) student double minoring in chemistry and Spanish, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Robertson’s career interest is to pursue an MD-Ph.D. in neuroscience and become a neurosurgeon, doing research in stem cells. She chose to attend Howard because she says it feels like home. She is confident in Howard's ability to challenge and nurture her, both academically and socially. Robertson says it is a beautiful feeling to see other like-minded individuals who she can identify with, pushing each other for greatness. She’s chosen a career in STEM because some of her family members have been affected by neurological disorders and diseases. When completing school, clinical, and other things in her career, she says it will not be a job, but a lifestyle to help others. Eventually, she would like to see paraplegics and quadriplegic gain the ability to walk again through stem cell regeneration to help families that have endured similar things that her, and her family have endured. 

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